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Our Wax is a Food Grade citrus coating, based on Carnauba certified by the FDA and EU Council Directives.

As an additives we use IMZ and TBZ in the quantities that carefully meets the specifications of the FDA and EU MRL, so we are safe on our product. We always review to be under  70% of the MRL, so our Limes are ready for Supermarkets.

Wax and Coating

Our commitment is always to be in the forefront of the technology in our process, wax and additives, so our customer can be sure that they will always receive the best product available treated with the best products and processes available. We are always reviewing new wax and coating, and performing lab test so we are confident that we are shipping a healthy product with a great shelf life!

Our Process

Our Process start in the field, when we harvest our limes with care, to avoid any damage to the product and certifying the traceability. After that we transport the limes to our packing house, and we start the sorting, washing,  desinfecting, coating/waxing, sizing. Then we manually pack and re-sort our limes. The final process is to pre-cool & cool the limes to prepare to ship to final destination. Our job finalize when our customer recibes our Limes with great quality and adequate shelf life.
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