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Our Packing Process

Our Full Stainless Equipment is certified as a Food Grade Facility, as well as our harvest, processing and handling. This allow us to have healthy, reliable and excellent human consumption fruit. We take really serious our selection of organic wax and other coating products, all of them are certified and according to the specification of the USDA, FDA, and the EU -MRL-

Exporting Quality

Seedless Limes!

San Jose Group has the "experience" harvesting, packing and exporting our limes from Mexico to the World. The best limes under the most strict quality standards like Global Gap, Primus Lab GFS, Fair Trade, Senasica, MRL, USDA, FDA. So you can rely on our product. We are convinced that the way of doing Business is doing Quality!


Our Commitment

Our experience in exporting Limes, and our commitment to supply the highest quality, let us become a leader in the Persian Lime Market. We invest in our business, we use the best Wax, we care on Quality, we train our People, we look for our Community, we love our Business!

Our Brands and Presentations

Our Main Brands Sun Limes and Maria Limes in 40 Lb and 10 Lb (4 Kg), are designed according to the destination of our products, always looking to have a great art work as well as quality impression and Carton.

Persian Limes Box
Persian Limes Box
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